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Charity / Non-profit industry stats include monies spent on the various types of charity organizations, average annual spend on donations, and other trends and data related to the non-profit industry.

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Donors to health-related causes support, on average, 2.4 other secular causes... See Full Stat Save
Education donors supported, on average, 2.7 other secular causes averaging 1.... See Full Stat Save
Arts donors' contributed on average 2.1 percent of their income to secular ca... See Full Stat Save
34% contributed to both religious and secular causes. See Full Stat Save
21% of households contributed to only secular causes. See Full Stat Save
11% of households contributed to religious causes only. See Full Stat Save
67% percent of households donated $25 or more to charity in 2002. Households ... See Full Stat Save
Those who gave to arts, education and health represented 14 percent, 26 perce... See Full Stat Save
Taxpayers with annual gross incomes between $100,000 and $200,000 gave the mo... See Full Stat Save
Taxpayers between 45 and 55 years old donated more food, clothing, household ... See Full Stat Save
Approximately $15.1 billion of the donations or 40.8 percent, were made by ta... See Full Stat Save
Easements were the largest category in terms of average donation per return a... See Full Stat Save
Non-cash clothing donations totaled $5.8 billion in 2007. See Full Stat Save
Real estate donations totalled $5.9 billion They represent 16 percent and 15.... See Full Stat Save
Corporate stock represented the largest category of noncash donations at $13.... See Full Stat Save
14.3 million noncash donations were reported to the IRS in 2007 See Full Stat Save
Nearly six million tax returns reported $36.9 billion in noncash charitable d... See Full Stat Save
Arts, cultural and humanities giving increased 7.8 percent to $13.67 billion.... See Full Stat Save
Overall giving to health-related organizations such as hospitals and other he... See Full Stat Save
Contributions to public society benefit organizations - nonprofit organizatio... See Full Stat Save
$6.96 billion was given to environmental and animal-welfare issues in 2007-- ... See Full Stat Save
Social or human service charities raised $29.64 billion in 2007, -- an increa... See Full Stat Save
Charitable giving to colleges, universities and educational organizations acc... See Full Stat Save
Faith-based charities, including churches, received the most charitable gifts... See Full Stat Save
International affairs, human services, environment and animals, and arts, cul... See Full Stat Save
By 2050, an estimated $41 trillion will transfer from one generation to the n... See Full Stat Save
Total givings to arts, culture, and humanities organizations, including histo... See Full Stat Save
In 2007, corporate giving increased 1.9 percent from last year to $15.69 bill... See Full Stat Save
In 2007, foundations increased their giving by 10.3 percent to $38.52 billion... See Full Stat Save
The sum of gifts by individuals and through charitable bequests in 2007 is $2... See Full Stat Save
In 2007 charitable bequests, which are made by individuals, totaled $23.15 bi... See Full Stat Save
The greatest portion of charitable giving, $229.03 billion, was given by indi... See Full Stat Save
In 2007, Americans set a new record by giving $306.39 billion to their favori... See Full Stat Save
Corporations and foundations contributed 5.1 percent and 12.6 percent respect... See Full Stat Save
Religion, $102.32 billion (33.4%), Education, $43.32 billion (12.1%), Human s... See Full Stat Save
Religious organizations continue to receive the biggest share of donations ac... See Full Stat Save
Overall, giving was up in 2007 by 3.9%, with all categories showing increases. See Full Stat Save
Corporations accounted for more than $15.6 billion (5.1%); and Foundations fo... See Full Stat Save
Individuals continue to contribute the lion's share of all donor dollars - mo... See Full Stat Save
For the first time charitable giving in 2007 broke through the $300 billion m... See Full Stat Save
In 2006, the estimated wage value of volunteer time was $215.6 billion?equiva... See Full Stat Save
About 12.9 billion hours were volunteered in 2006, the equivalent of 7.6 mill... See Full Stat Save
61.2 million people said they volunteered in 2005. See Full Stat Save
Corporations, including corporate foundations, donated $12.7 billion in 2006,... See Full Stat Save
Foundations gave $36.5 billion in 2005, a 197 percent increase from 10 years ... See Full Stat Save
Individuals donated $222.9 billion in 2006, compared with $107.6 billion in 1... See Full Stat Save
Private giving (individuals, foundations, and corporations) reached $295 bill... See Full Stat Save
In 2006, wages and salaries totaled $489.4 billion, compared with $318.9 bill... See Full Stat Save
In 2005, 12.9 million people worked for nonprofits, up from 11.1 million in 1... See Full Stat Save
In 2006, nonprofits received $1 trillion in revenue, a 5.7 percent increase o... See Full Stat Save
In 2006, nonprofits contributed $666.1 billion to the U.S. economy. See Full Stat Save
Americans tend to give about 3% of their income to charity, unless they've lo... See Full Stat Save
In fact, in any one year, some 70% of Americans give to charity See Full Stat Save

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