Number of unauthorized music files in 2008


Stat: 40 billion files in 2008

Stat Categories: Music Industry Stats

Tags: file sharing,P2P,peer-to-peer,illegal downloading,unauthorized,music

Years: 2008

Stat Source: IFPI

Publisher (site that mentioned this stat): IFPI Digital Music Report 2009

Submitted By: Michael Raeford

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North American Live Music / Concert Revenues: $7.3 billion (2006), $7.9 billion (2007), $8.5 billion (2008), $9.1 billion (2009), $9.7 billion (2010), $10.3 billion (2011) See Full Stat Info
Brazil?s mobile music business has grown rapidly, with the number of mobile users up 60 per cent in the past three years. See Full Stat Info
Top 5 digital music markets / countries: US (39%), Japan (19%), UK (16%), France (12%), Germany (9%) See Full Stat Info
Some three million people in the UK download unauthorized films online, See Full Stat Info
Satellite radio is the fastest growing subscription service in the US, building up a subscriber base of 20 million users in just seven years. See Full Stat Info
In the UK, Jupiter Research valued the loss at ?180 million in 2008, with a cumulative loss to the industry of ?1.1 billion by 2012 if nothing is done to address the problem. See Full Stat Info
At least 45 million US consumers are willing to view adverts as the price of listening to music. See Full Stat Info
Atlantic Records became the first sizeable label to report that the majority of its revenue is now coming through digital channels. See Full Stat Info
The Apple online store carries more than eight million DRMfree licensed music tracks, as well as 20,000 TV episodes and more than 2,000 films. See Full Stat Info
13.7 million films were distributed on P2P networks in France in May 2008, compared to 12.2 million cinema tickets sold See Full Stat Info
P2P file-sharing, a large part of which is unauthorized copyrighted music and film, accounts for up to 80 per cent of all internet traffic (ipoque). See Full Stat Info
Digital Camera (52%), Camera Phone (25%), Portable Digital Music Player (19%), MP3 Music Phone (12%) See Full Stat Info
According to NPD, students accounted for more than 1.3 billion illegal music downloads in 2006. See Full Stat Info
US Recording Industry Revenues, 2001-2006: 2001 ($13.7 billion), 2002 ($12.6 billion), 2003 ($11.9 billion), 2004 ($12.3 billion), 2005 ($12.3 billion), 2006 ($11.5 billion) See Full Stat Info
IFPI, collating separate studies in 16 countries over a four-year period, estimated unauthorized file-sharing at over 40 billion files in 2008. See Full Stat Info
Full Track Mobile Music Revenues in Europe (2011): EUR 4.83 billion See Full Stat Info
The games industry globally was worth an estimated US$48.3 billion in 2008 and is projected to grow to US$68.3 billion by 2012 See Full Stat Info
Amazon has a stronger bias to male users (64%) than iTunes (44%) and is weaker among the teen audience (3%) than iTunes (18%) in part due to iTunes gift voucher payment system. See Full Stat Info
Broadcast Music Inc. (BMI) US Revenues, 2003-2006: 2003 ($630 million), 2004 ($673 million), 2005 ($728 million), 2006 ($779 million) See Full Stat Info
The original Guitar Hero and its sequels have sold more than 23 million copies across all platforms in less than three years, grossing more than US$1 billion in North America alone. See Full Stat Info
Global Digital Revenue by Industry: Games (20%), Recorded Music (20%), Newspapers (4%), Films (4%), Magazines (1%) See Full Stat Info
Music* Revenues in Western Europe in 2005: $11 billion See Full Stat Info
58% of Music Executives at larger record labels, 48% of Music Executives at all record labels See Full Stat Info
A Canadian report shows that 93 per cent of Canadians think parents should teach their children how to use the internet in a responsible way See Full Stat Info
Music companies are overwhelmingly the largest investors in artists? careers, ploughing back around 20 per cent of their revenues into the development of talent. See Full Stat Info
10% of Amazon MP3's store?s customers having previously bought music through iTunes. See Full Stat Info

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