% of Americans give to charity each year


Stat: In fact, in any one year, some 70% of Americans give to charity

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Overall, giving was up in 2007 by 3.9%, with all categories showing increases. See Full Stat Info
Private giving (individuals, foundations, and corporations) reached $295 billion in 2006, more than double 1996?s $139 billion. See Full Stat Info
Education donors supported, on average, 2.7 other secular causes averaging 1.5 percent of their income. The average amount contributed to education by these donors was $416. See Full Stat Info
In 2006, wages and salaries totaled $489.4 billion, compared with $318.9 billion in 1998 (not adjusted for inflation). See Full Stat Info
11% of households contributed to religious causes only. See Full Stat Info
The greatest portion of charitable giving, $229.03 billion, was given by individuals or household donors. In 2007, gifts from individuals represented 74.8 percent of all contributed dollars. See Full Stat Info
In 2006, the estimated wage value of volunteer time was $215.6 billion?equivalent to 43.3 percent of all nonprofit wages. See Full Stat Info
61.2 million people said they volunteered in 2005. See Full Stat Info
Arts, cultural and humanities giving increased 7.8 percent to $13.67 billion. Gifts to arts, culture and humanities organizations were 4.5 percent total estimated giving in 2007. See Full Stat Info
In 2007, Americans set a new record by giving $306.39 billion to their favorite causes, an estimated $11.48 billion more than they gave in 2006. This accounts for a 3.9 percent increase from the previous year. See Full Stat Info
Americans tend to give about 3% of their income to charity, unless they've lost their jobs entirely See Full Stat Info
Those who gave to arts, education and health represented 14 percent, 26 percent and 37 percent of the donors to secular charities, respectively. See Full Stat Info
Total givings to arts, culture, and humanities organizations, including historical and cultural preservation in 2007, totaled 4.5 percent of all contributions. See Full Stat Info
Corporations, including corporate foundations, donated $12.7 billion in 2006, up 69 percent from 10 years earlier. See Full Stat Info
Individuals continue to contribute the lion's share of all donor dollars - more than $229 billion for 74.8% of all donations. Adding to the individual total is another $23 billion in bequests, bringing the total of individual giving in 2007 to $252 billion plus or 82.3% of the total. See Full Stat Info
In 2006, nonprofits received $1 trillion in revenue, a 5.7 percent increase over 2005. See Full Stat Info
In 2007, corporate giving increased 1.9 percent from last year to $15.69 billion, representing 5.1 percent of all charitable contributions. See Full Stat Info
In 2007 charitable bequests, which are made by individuals, totaled $23.15 billion, an increase of 6.9 percent from the previous year. Charitable bequests are estimated to be 7.6 percent of total giving. See Full Stat Info
Corporations and foundations contributed 5.1 percent and 12.6 percent respectively was 17.7 percent of the total philanthropic dollars in 2007. See Full Stat Info
Individuals donated $222.9 billion in 2006, compared with $107.6 billion in 1996; personal bequests added another $22.9 billion in 2006, up from $12 billion in 1996. See Full Stat Info
The sum of gifts by individuals and through charitable bequests in 2007 is $252.18 billion or 82.4 percent of total giving. See Full Stat Info
Nearly six million tax returns reported $36.9 billion in noncash charitable donations and an average of $2,585 per gift. See Full Stat Info
Approximately $15.1 billion of the donations or 40.8 percent, were made by taxpayers 65 and older, with an average of $22,000 per return. See Full Stat Info
Taxpayers with annual gross incomes between $100,000 and $200,000 gave the most non cash donations at $8.2 billion on 1.7 million tax returns. The average donation amount per return was $4,774. See Full Stat Info
21% of households contributed to only secular causes. See Full Stat Info
14.3 million noncash donations were reported to the IRS in 2007 See Full Stat Info

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